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2M Web Design LLC specializes in empowering small businesses, individuals, and contractors with affordable yet impactful digital solutions and services. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience at top digital marketing and software firms in the area.

We also offer all our services in Spanish
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Custom Website Design

We create websites that look and work great on all devices and are aligned with your target audience and digital marketing goals.

  • Custom Web Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Affordable Websites
  • User experience (UX) optimization
  • Brand identity integration
  • Website Redesign
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Responsive design for all devices
Fresno Web Design Services - Examples of my work
Satisfi Labs Website Image


Worry less about website woes! Our maintenance team keeps your site updated, secure, and smooth so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Regular website backups
  • Fixing broken links, images, buttons, and anything else that keeps your website from working properly
  • Performance optimization and speed improvements
  • Content updates and changes
  • Bug fixes and troubleshooting
  • Software and plugin updates

Search Engine Optimization

Our Local SEO services are here to help! We specialize in optimizing your online presence for local searches, ensuring your business stands out to nearby customers.
  • Local keyword research and optimization
  • Multi City & Region base strategy
  • Google My Business setup and optimization
  • Location-based content creation
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Site Speed Optimization
Fresno Website Design Professional
Portfolio Samples


Get a fantastic website that grows with you! Our team builds custom WordPress sites that are not only beautiful and easy to use but also simple to update and scale as your business grows.
  • Super friendly and easy Frontend editor
  • Theme customization and development
  • Performance optimization and speed improvements
  • Content updates and changes
  • SEO-friendly WordPress setup
  • Plugin installation and configuration
  • Troubleshooting

E-Commerce & Online Stores

Launch your online shop with ease! We design online stores that are simple to navigate and manage, making shopping fun for your customers and easy for you.
  • Custom online store design
  • Woocommerce, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace Shops
  • Secure payment gateway integration
  • Product catalog management
  • Promotional and discount code integration
  • Shopping cart and checkout process optimization
Starbuck Farm E-commerce Website

Example of Before & After for SatisfiLabs


Transform your online presence with our expert website redesign services. Enhance user experience, boost engagement, and achieve your business goals with a stunning, functional, and modern website tailored to your business.
  • Improve your website navigation
  • Upgrade your site to a mobile-responsive layout
  • Make your Website Accessible
  • Enhance loading speed
  • Make your site SEO friendly
  • Integrate your site with your social media
  • Add High-quality visual and multimedia elements


Need stunning visuals for your brand? Our graphic design services have got you covered! Whether it’s a logo, brochure, or social media post, we craft designs that capture attention and make your brand shine.
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Business cards and stationery
  • Social media graphics
  • Print advertisements
  • Logo design and branding
  • Trade show displays
  • Photo editing and retouching

Examples of Flyers, Brochures, and invitations

Software Prototyping

Got a great idea for software? Our prototyping services make it tangible and cost-effective! Create interactive prototypes to test your concepts, saving time and money. Impress investors with a clear vision of your project.

  • Figma Prototypes
  • Interactive wireframes
  • User experience (UX) design
  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Custom user interface (UI) design
  • Clickable prototypes for demos

Featured Projects Our Work Speaks for Itself

We serve clients from diverse sectors across the country, creating custom websites that highlight their business quality and customer commitment.

Customers Reviews and Experiences What Our Clients Say

Discover what our clients have to say about our web design services. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results, and our customers’ feedback reflects our commitment to quality and satisfaction. Each project is approached with seriousness and dedication to ensure we exceed expectations.

All was done on time and within budget.


Mauro thoughtfully listened to our needs and then gently guided us through the many decisions for building our e-commerce site. He aways gave several options, the pros/cons and his own opinion. All was done on time and within budget. We highly recomend him

Dave Dorrance

Starbuck Farm
North Pomfret, VT

Mauro is fantastic to work with.


He built our website and helps us to maintain it. His communication and attention to detail are second to none. If you are looking for quality work from someone who stands behind what they build, Mauro and 2M Web Design is the correct choice.

Jeremy Faith

Ry-Den Truck Center
Fresno, CA

Mauro is the best in the business!


Mauro is the best in the business! Always communicative and meets the deadline for projects. We have completed several projects with Mauro and highly recommend in the future!

Simrem Gill

Fresno, CA

Website Design Services Providing in-person support in Fresno and Central California

Businesses within this map qualify for our in-person web design services. We offer free consultations within 25 miles of Fresno. Beyond this range, fees may apply unless you’re currently working on a project with us.

As always, we offer remote services nationwide via phone, email, and video call.

Your Ultimate customer experience WHY CHOOSE US AS YOUR WEB DESIGN COMPANY?

With over 20 years of combined experience in the design industry, our small web design agency boasts a strong foundation in graphic design, web design, and website development. Our portfolio includes collaborations with businesses of various sizes, both across the US and internationally. Our expertise is centered on delivering strategic, cost-effective designs that precisely align with your advertising and marketing needs.

At 2M Web Design LLC, No project is too big or too small for us. We approach each one with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication.

Easy, Efficient Process for Success Simplified Web Design for Everyone

Save More, Get More

Enjoy lower Web Design prices and direct contact with your project manager for personalized, quick, and adaptable service that fits your timeline.

Customized Care

Our team’s small size ensures personalized focus for your website design project.

Fast Turnaround

Tired of website projects that drag on? We’ve cut bureaucratic delays for quicker results.

Flexibility and Availability

Our adaptable working hours mean we can easily align with your website’s timeline, offering personalized attention that larger firms can’t match

Direct Communication

Direct communication with a web designer allows for easier vision conveyance, feedback provision, and prompt concern addressal.


We prioritize your feedback and quickly incorporate it into the project’s lifecycle, ensuring adaptability to changes and revisions.

Various Website Screens from the portfolio

Examples of custom web design

Easy, Efficient Website Creation Process From Planning to Launch

Working with us is a breeze! We focus on making the web design process easy and enjoyable for you. Our team handles all the details, so you can relax and watch your vision come to life. We prioritize clear communication, quick turnaround times, and delivering results that exceed your expectations. With us, you’ll experience a smooth, stress-free journey to a stunning new website.

The following steps provide a general overview of the process your website will go thru working with your web designer at 2M Web Design.  


Initial Consultation

Our team will learn about your business, goals, audience, branding, and objetives. This help us to understand your expectations and project.


Preparing the estimate

Based on your input the 2M Web Design Team will try to identify the project scope, desired features, and technical requirements. Then We’ll create a detailed estimate with web design price, timeline, and terms & conditions


Project Begins

Once the Estimate is approved, I’ll schedule your project to start ASAP.


Research & Ideas

The first step for our website design team is to conduct a competitor analysis, research your industry trends, and gain some insights and inspiration to outline the first ideas and concepts for the website.


Wireframe Design

Based on research our web design team will create a representation of the website’s layout, structure, and content placement that will help us to gather feedback from you and make necessary revisions till you get what you need.


Visual Design

Once the wireframe is approved, our web design experts team will create all the visual elements of the website, including color scheme, typography, graphics, and overall aesthetics, making sure they align with the client’s brand identity and target audience.


Internal Pages Design

Once the Homepage is approved, I’ll move to the interior pages, ensuring a consistent and appealing visual identity aligned with the client’s brand.


Website Development

Once the design is finalized, Our Fresno Web design team will convert the approved design into a fully functional website using the WordPress platform.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Identify and fix any bugs, errors, or inconsistencies. Our Fresno Web Development team will ensure responsiveness across different devices and browsers.


Website Launch

Our Team will set up web hosting and configure the server environment. Transfer the website files to the live server.


Post-Launch Support

This may involve addressing any issues, providing updates and enhancements and monitoring website performance for the next 30 days at no extra charge

An All terrain company Mastering Web Design Across Multiple Industries

Our web design company excels in adapting to diverse industries. We ensure your online presence is both cutting-edge and industry-aligned. Let us help you stand out and succeed.

Web Design Services for Restaurants

Restaurants and Cafes

Enhance your customers’ dining experience and engagement with custom sites featuring interactive menus, online booking, delivery options, vivid dish galleries, and event updates.

Tailored specifically for Italian restaurants, Mexican Food, American Diners, French Bistros, Mediterranean Cafes, Thai and Indian Fast Food, Vegan and Vegetarian Food Trucks

Law Offices and Lawyers Web Design

Lawyers and Law Firms

Websites for Professionals showing detailed service descriptions, lawyer bios, and client success stories, along with easy-to-use consultation booking features that attract prospective clients.

This is suitable for various types of law practices, including corporate, immigration lawyers, family law, employment, tax, bankruptcy, and more

Web Design Services for Contractors

Contractors & Home Improvement Services

Websites to showcase expertise through project galleries, client testimonials, and quote request forms to encourage homeowner inquiries.

Ideal for General contractors, roofing contractors, plumbers,  electricians, HVAC Specialists, Kitchen and Bath Contractors and Landscaping Professionals.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Website Design Service Your Questions Answered

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we address common questions and provide valuable insights into the world of web design.

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Not sure if we're the best option for you yet? Get a complimentary home page mockup, absolutely free!

Free trial valid for new clients only. Trial includes basic and limited to home page web design services. Subject to availability. No obligation to purchase.  Additional terms may apply. Contact us for details.

Clients that love our Work Testimonials

June 5, 2024
Mauro thoughtfully listened to our needs and then gently guided us through the many decisions for building our e-commerce site. He aways gave several options, the pros/cons and his own opinion. All was done on time and within budget. We highly recomend him
Daisy Mayorga
Daisy Mayorga
April 25, 2024
Mauro is an exceptional web designer who truly excels in transforming concepts into reality. His profound understanding of client needs distinguishes him from his peers, making him a standout in the industry. What impresses me the most is his ability to deeply engage with an idea, ensuring that every aspect of the final product reflects the client’s vision and objectives. Mauro’s commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail are evident in every project he undertakes. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a skilled and reliable web designer who consistently delivers top-quality results.
April 12, 2024
Mauro is the best in the business! Always communicative and meets the deadline for projects. We have completed several projects with Mauro and highly recommend in the future!
Ana Rivera
Ana Rivera
March 8, 2024
Our Company was established in 2005 and, when the website for the company had to be developed making sure it was easily accessible and simple to navigate, since the majority of our customers are older, we were referred to Mauro's company by mutual friend and decided to give this small company a try. Mauro developed our website back in 2005 and since then, he has made changes to keep up with the new technology, market trends, and site appearance. He also maintains the site for us, making changes as requested, and many times, answering to our last minute requests, coming through for us. We have been doing business with Mauro’s company since 2005. We trust his expertise, suggestions and ideas and will always recommend his company and him personally for his reliability and expertise.
Joel Perez
Joel Perez
February 13, 2024
Working with Mauro was so wonderful. He made the entire process easy to understand and was able to create an amazing website with minimal edits from me.
January 10, 2024
Mauro is fantastic to work with. He built our website and helps us to maintain it. His communication and attention to detail are second to none. If you are looking for quality work from someone who stands behind what they build, Mauro and 2M Web Design is the correct choice.
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming
January 8, 2024
Choosing 2M Web Design for my website was a game-changer. The team, led by Mauro, is a powerhouse of creativity and technical expertise. The project timelines are reasonable, and the result is a website that not only looks great but also works great. What sets 2M Web Design apart is their direct approach to client communication and their cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Mauro and his team genuinely care about their client's success. For anyone in Fresno or beyond looking for top-notch web design services, 2M Web Design is the go-to company.
Lucas Phan
Lucas Phan
July 31, 2023
Mauro is the real deal. I had the pleasure to work with Mauro at Bitwise Industries and Mauro always deliver exceptional work.
Crystal M
Crystal M
July 24, 2023
Mauro is a veteran designer who really strives to meet his client's vision.


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